Bucky: 40 Blinks Mask

bwconnect vendor Bucky makes people more comfortable while making the environment more comfortable! Bucky’s original buckwheat U pillow, a marvel of simplicity, coziness and soothing comfort, quickly caught the attention of top retailers across the USA.  Now they have expanded their line to include sleep aids such as the 40 Blinks Mask:


40 Blinks ULtralight Eye Mask ~ Rated #1 Sleep Aid by Good Housekeeping Magazine and as seen in the Hit TV show BONES these masks are fashion, function & fun! This ultralight molded foam eye mask is contoured for pressure-free, smudge-free eye comfort. Relax or sleep anywhere, anytime. Arrive rested & refreshed from your next flight. Snooze all day after a big party. Get better focus for meditation. Take 5 at your desk to soothe tired, computer-screen eyes. This lightweight, cool mask features adjustable straps and is hand washable. Coordinates with Minnie and IdentiGrip.

The 40 Blinks Mask line, along with all other great Bucky products are currently available to retailers on http://www.bwconnect.com

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